Best Places to Buy an Over The Air Antenna

A lot of people that I talk to still don’t realize that you can get free television by installing an over the air antenna. Many people can receive up to 50 or more channels, depending on how close you are to the broadcast towers. All the major stations are available like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and CW. There are also many substations with great content that show reruns and classic TV shows. You can also supplement your antenna with the many streaming options like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. Then you have the best of both worlds. So why not make the switch today? If you are in the market for an over the air antenna then let’s take a look at the best places to buy one.

Buying an Over The Air Antenna

When you purchase an OTA antenna, make sure you are buying the proper antenna for your area. It must be the right size and pointed in the correct direction to receive the most channels. Don’t fall prey to scammers that make claims that are not true. Do some research before buying your antenna. Below is a list of reputable companies that we recommend when buying any OTA antennas or related products. They don’t make grandiose claims about antenna receptions and they offer great customer support.

Solid Signal


Solid Signal has been selling antennas for a long time. They carry an extensive line of products from OTA antennas, splitters, mounts and cabling. They have excellent customer support. You can chat online, email or call for support. They also sell the popular line of Xtreme Signal antennas. These powerful antennas are good for outdoor or attic areas.

Channel Master

Channel Master is one of the industry leaders in antenna sales. They have a wealth of knowledge and build quality products. Channel Master has been producing antennas since 1949. They also are continuously innovating new products. They build great indoor and outdoor antennas. Channel Master sells an excellent line of cables, splitters, mounts, and couplers which can make installing an OTA antenna painless and easy.

Antennas Direct

Antennas Direct has been producing and creating quality antennas since 2003. They have a large line of indoor and outdoor antennas. Antennas Direct sells and develops the popular line of ClearStream and DB8 antennas. They also have many accessories and products for a smooth install.


Get FREE HDTV with no monthly cable bill with the Mohu antenna

Mohu makes some of the most popular indoor antennas. The Mohu Leaf is probably the best selling indoor antenna of all time. They have an extensive line of indoor and outdoor antennas. The Mohu Sky outdoor or attic antenna is also a popular choice with consumers. They built great antennas and are well respected throughout the industry.

Antop Antennas

ANTOP Dual Omni UFO "Complete Coverage" Reception Outdoor HDTV Antenna AT-415B. Special Introductory Price Available. Shop Now

Antop has been producing over the air antennas since 1980. They build top of the line and innovative antennas. They have a huge line of indoor and outdoor antennas. Many of their OTA antennas come with built-in amplifiers and cellular filtering to help improve the reception. They produce the popular “Big Boy” series of antennas.


If you plan on buying an OTA antenna through other online retailers stick to manufacturers that have a proven track record of producing quality OTA antennas like the ones listed above. Just make sure they are not making claims that they can not back up. Many of these knock-offs are cheap imitations of the real deal and use poorly insulated cable and components.

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Installing an Over The Air Antenna on a Boat

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  1. A friend lent me an HD antenna and I temporarily mounted it on a piece of pipe given to me by a neighbor. The antenna is only 10 feet above ground. Not very high but good enough for a trial run. I picked up ten channels to my north and 5 channels to my south. Those stations all came in rock solid. There were another couple of stations that wanted to come in but were very badly pixelated. With digital it’s all or nothing. When I was a boy back in the 1950’s and 60’s we had an old analog TV and YAGII antenna. The image would come and go and sometimes be quite noisy. What a difference. This is living in this age in Victoria BC. I still like cable but what I like about it is the set top box we use to record programs and play back later. With an OTA recorder I would guess we would be fine, that and the vast amount of other station material we can acquire off the internet. Thanks for all the suggestions and material provided on this site.

    • You are right with digital TV, it is pretty much all or nothing. There are a lot more options for watching TV today. Glad you are enjoying free OTA TV and find our site helpful. Thanks!

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