Gift Ideas for Cutting the Cord

The holiday season is quickly approaching and finding the right gift can sometimes become stressful and difficult. The cost of watching cable television has become ridiculous. Many people are looking for alternative ways to save money. There are many different options, some are as easy as setting up an over the air antenna to get free channels. Others can be a combination of using a streaming device in conjunction with an HD antenna. If you know someone who is frustrated with their current cable or satellite TV and is looking to reduce their bill each month, then some of these gifts can help.

Gift Ideas to Cut The Cord

Over the Air Antenna or HD Antenna

1byone TV Antenna, 50 Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster, USB Power Supply and 10 Feet Highest Performance Coaxial Cable-Black

One of the best gifts is to buy someone an over the air or HD antenna. This can be the most effective and easiest ways to get free television. Depending on where the person lives will determine the type of antenna one needs. Setup up is fairly simple. Just mount the antenna in the proper spot and plug it into the back of your television. You can use this websites antenna locator tool to find out what type of antenna you will need. Just type in your zip code and we can help you find the right antenna.

TV Station Locator Tool

Streaming Box

Giving a streaming box for a gift can also help someone cut the cord. There are many boxes to choose from, and we have made it easy to find the right one. The only requirement for these streaming boxes is an internet connection. Many of these boxes can be combined with several different streaming services that will enable you to watch just about anything. Let’s look at some of the best.

Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (1st Gen), streaming media player

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon makes two types of streaming boxes. One is called the Fire TV. It is a slightly larger and more powerful box that can stream many different types of content. The other is called the Fire Stick. It is smaller and plugs right into the back of your TV using an HDMI input. You can combine these streaming devices with any streaming service like Netflix, Sling TV, Direct TV NOW or Hulu. One of the best options is to combine it with Amazons Video streaming service. They offer a lot of content. You can see my review of Amazons streaming services here.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is similar to the Fire TV just smaller and works over the wireless internet.


Roku Ultra | 4K/HDR/HD Streaming Player with Enhanced Remote (Voice, Remote Finder, Headphone Jack, TV Power and Volume), Ethernet, Microsd and USB

Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player

Roku has a full line of streaming boxes. They have become a popular choice for cord cutters. These boxes can also be used in conjunction with many streaming services. Roku boxes are easy to use and setup.

Android Box

Matricom’s New G-Box Q3 - Android Nougat Quad/Octo Core Streaming HD Device [2GB/16GB/4K]

Matricom G-Box Q3

Android streaming boxes have become a very popular way to stream content. They are fast and easy to use. Many of these boxes can also work in conjunction with popular streaming apps and games from the Google Play Store. They are a great alternative to the traditional streaming boxes. Android Boxes are small and powerful and can work on any TV with an HDMI input.

You can see our full review of the popular Matricom Android G-Box here.

Over The Air DVR

Channel Master DVR+

An over the air DVR is a convenient way to record your favorite shows. There are several types of OTA DVR’s. They all work using a built-in tuner and an over the air antenna to capture and record your TV shows. Each DVR comes with a program guide that allows you to schedule your recordings. It can make a nice gift for anyone looking to get rid of cable or satellite TV. No more monthly fees!

You can see our full list of recommended OTA DVR's here.

Streaming Services

Adding a streaming service to a viewing device can make a good gift. They are many different types of streaming providers and the list keeps on growing. It is an excellent alternative to cable or satellite TV. You can also use it to supplement your TV channels with an over the air antenna. Here is how it works. Use an over the air antenna for the basic stations like NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC, FOX, CW and UPN, then add a streaming service like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, You Tube TV, or Sling TV to watch other channels and shows. It is a cheaper way to watch TV and can cut your monthly TV bill. All you need is an internet connection.

See our streaming services how to guide here.

Wireless Router

TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router - Wireless AC Router for Home(Archer C50)

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router

Upgrading to a more powerful and faster wireless router can make a nice gift. This will allow for faster streaming and better coverage. In some cases, adding a wireless extender can do the trick. Extenders will help with dead spots and expand the wireless coverage in the home. A wireless extender will work with your existing router to increase your wireless signal.

Storage Drive

Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB5000100)

Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive

A storage drive makes a great gift. It can be used to store all your favorite videos and pictures. Some storage drives are as simple as plugging them into your device. Others can attach to your home network to stream and backup your data. There are also ways to build your own network attached storage device (NAS). It can be a fun project for those who like to tinker with computers.

See our article on how to build your own NAS device.

Wireless Keyboard Remote

(2018 Backlit Version)REIIE H9+ Backlit Wireless Mini Handheld Remote Keyboard with Touchpad Work for PC,Raspberry Pi 2, Android TV Box ,KODI,Windows 7 8 10

REIIE H9+ Backlit Wireless Mini Handheld Remote Keyboard with Touchpad

A wireless keyboard remote is a convenient way to replace your existing streaming device remote. Most remotes that come with a streaming box are limited. These remotes have a built-in keyboard that allows you to type instead of using the on-screen keyboard. They also have a mouse pad to maneuver on the screen. They are sized right and fit nicely in the hands.

See our article of the best wireless keyboard remotes.

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All of these ideas can make an excellent gift for a family member or friend. The way we are watching TV and getting our video content is changing. Any of these gifts can help one stay on top of the current streaming and video trends.

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