Pluto TV The App You Should Be Using to Watch TV

There are many ways to watch and stream television online. Many apps allow you to stream content from your favorite station or service. Pluto TV is a bit different. It gathers available video content from around the web and uses an interface and channels for you to easily access it for free. It has over 100 channels to choose from. I have enjoyed using this app on my Android box and Mac mini. It is a cool way to catch up on some news, late night shows and sports.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV Logo


Pluto TV has over 100 channels of content ranging from sports, comedy, music videos, entertainment and news. There is plenty of content that will keep you engaged for hours. Here is a list of their channels:

101 News 24/7
111 NBC News & MSNBC
113 Sky News
116 Bloomberg TV
117 Business News 24/7
121 RT America
126 NewsmaxTV
127 TYT Network
128 Newsy
129 Wochit
131 NowThis
134 Race 2016: Republicans
135 Race 2016: Democrats
136 News Rack
137 Investigate TV
139 The Weather Network
142 Tech News 24/7
143 CNET
152 Sports Highlights
156 Football
159 Baseball
162 Basketball
165 Soccer
167 Hockey
169 Hockey Fights
170 Fight
172 Classic Fights
173 GLORY Kickboxing
176 Xtreme Sports Channel
178 The Surf Channel
180 Snow TV
182 Skate TV
187 World Poker Tour
256 Stand-up TV
270 Sketch Comedy
275 The Onion
280 Late Night TV
281 Jimmy Fallon
284 Conan O’Brien
310 Drivers & Cars
325 RocketJump
330 Guns & Explosions
335 Travel
341 GoPro
346 4K TV
349 Kung Fu Movies
360 Anime TV
365 Dragon Ball Z
369 Before School Cartoons
370 After School Cartoons
380 Classic Toons TV
416 Webseries
417 SciFi Webseries
418 Horror 24/7
421 Crime
430 UK TV Shows
443 Awesomeness TV
456 POPular Art
459 POPular Design
462 Dance World
464 On Broadway
465 The Opera Network
466 Music Backstage Pass
467 Fashion Life
472 Women’s Lifestyle
478 Food
482 Health & Fitness
486 Yoga
490 ShopNow TV
503 Drive-In Movies
504 Classic Movies Channel
505 Classic TV
507 70’s TV Shows
508 80’s TV Shows
509 90’s TV Shows
515 Shout! Factory TV
530 The Addams Family
545 MST3K
560 Internet Gold
564 AnimaLOLz
565 Cats 24/7
567 Dogs 24/7
576 Fail TV
580 PranksTV
603 Movie Picks
604 Movie Trailers
605 420 TV
610 Slow TV
615 Eye Candy
630 IGN
639 Nerdist
645 Geek & Sundry
650 The Gameplay Network
660 Minecraft
680 Pluto Picks
681 Oprah Winfrey
691 FailArmy
710 Science TV
714 DocuTV
715 Conspiracy TV
720 Space
723 Neil deGrasse Tyson
728 Steve Jobs
740 Nature
744 Sharks 24/7
760 Kids TV: Learn Play
770 Kids TV
775 Kids Science
785 PlutoNiños
790 Songtime
801 Top 40
802 Dance Hits
803 EDM
804 Country Hits
805 Christian
806 Love Songs
807 Party Playlist
811 Hip Hop
812 Indie
813 Underground
819 The 80s
822 Web Charts
823 Covers
824 Latin Pop
825 Reggae
830 Backyard BBQ
831 2Pac
835 Beyonce
842 David Bowie
845 Dr. Dre
846 Drake
849 Eminem
865 Justin Timberlake
866 Kanye West
867 Katy Perry
874 Madonna
875 Mariah Carey
876 Michael Jackson
880 Nicki Minaj
894 R.Kelly TRAPPED
895 Rihanna
914 Taylor Swift
930 ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic
931 Top Hits
932 Party Hits
933 Hip Hop Hits
934 Top Country Hits
935 EDM 1
936 EDM 2
937 70s
938 80s
939 90s
940 Christian Hits
941 Love Mix
942 Latin Hits
943 Indie Hits
944 Reggae King
945 Chill Out

Pluto TV interface


Their app is available for Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Windows, MAC and IOS. They also allow you to watch channels right from your web browser on their website. This is a good app to add to your streaming box list of viewing options.

Watching Experience

The overall experience is good. I have tried Pluto TV on an Android device, Web browser and the Mac mini app. Moving through stations is very easy. They load pretty quick. Switching to full screen mode on a large screen TV adds to your viewing experience. You can toggle very easily between the two and the quality is quite good. It has some nice features that allow you to add your most watched stations to a saved channel list. Some of the content is pushed from You Tube and other content providers, so you will see ads from time to time.

Pluto TV


There has been talks that Hulu will be providing content in the near future. This content will only be available for viewing on web browsers from their website. Sorry no app viewing for now. Pluto TV also has a nice selection of music stations from different artist and decades. There are a lot of channels to watch, but I have noticed on channels like Jimmy Fallon and others there is some repeat content. Many of these channels are a good way to catch up on news, sports and comedy. Many of the channels consist of clips or segments of shows.

Looking for your favorite TV show or movie online. Click on our helpful search tool below.

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Overall Pluto TV is a cool way to watch TV. It has some decent content that can keep you engaged. If you have a computer, Android box or streaming device hooked up to your TV it is definitely worth adding the app to your viewing line up.

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