Tablo TV Over The Air DVR for HDTV Antennas Review

The Tablo DVR is an awesome all in one over the air recording and streaming solution. It is an excellent whole house recording option for anyone who wants to take full advantage of their over the air antenna. This DVR allows you to record 4 shows simultaneously and up to 6 users can watch at one time. It comes in two configurations, a 2 tuner model and a 4 tuner model, depending on your household demands.

Tablo Over The Air DVR

Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Over-The-Air [OTA] HDTV with Wi-Fi for LIVE TV Streaming

The Tablo DVR acts more like an over the air media server that will record and stream your content to many different wireless devices. The Tablo does not have a traditional HDMI output to connect to your television. It will push the content to your wireless devices. You can watch live or recorded over the air TV on any phone, tablet or HDMI connected device like: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV,

Tablo TV Over The Air DVR for HDTV Antennas Review

Wireless Connection

The Tablo serves up content strictly over a wireless connection. For best results you should have at least a 5 GHz 802.11n type router. Since all the content is recorded in HD you will need a router that can push the content at a fast enough bit rate. It does have wireless capability to connect to a wireless router but, for the best performance you should have the Tablo DVR plugged directly into your wireless router with an Ethernet cable. This will allow for less buffering issues.

Tablo TV Over The Air DVR for HDTV Antennas Review


The Tablo DRV will record all content in full high definition. A separate USB hard drive is required for recording. They recommend using the Western Digital Elements USB 3 drive. They do offer a schedule recording service that will keep your recording guide up to date for a fee. The service will provide live TV data 14 days in advance and a smart recording feature that allows you to record by series, season and new episodes. It is not required, but it will make it easier to keep up with your recordings and what is currently on the air.


Tablo TV has excellent support and a very active forum community to help you with any technical problems. The forum discusses the latest firmware upgrades and apps for Android TV’s, Roku, Fire TV etc. The Tablo TV team is consistently improving the software and announcing upgrades. They are always trying to improve the functionality and compatibility of the devices that it will work with. There are also discussions about Plex and Kodi integration. It is a very good sign of things to come with this device.

Here is a video explaining how it all works:


  • Watch, pause and record live HDTV
  • Skip commercials
  • Schedule recordings from anywhere
  • Manage existing recordings
  • Record up to 4 shows simultaneously
  • Watch on up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Watch on PC/Mac computers via browser
  • Watch on iPhone/Android smartphone via Tablo App
  • Stream live AND recorded shows anywhere in the world
  • Streaming to TV via Amazon Fire TV/Android TV/AppleTV/Roku/Chromecast*
  • iPad & Android tablet app interface
  • All Tablo DVRs include dual-band WiFi
  • 4 OTA ATSC tuners
  • WiFi included: 802.11n dual band 2.4 and 5Ghz with MIMO
  • 2 USB ports for flexible USB HD storage
  • No remote — controlled by tablet, smartphone, and web apps or Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, or Roku Channel

Where to Buy:

The Tablo DVR is available at these retailers:



Do you need help setting or choosing an HD antenna. I have written a how to article. It will take you though the whole process. Click on the link below.
how to choose an hd antenna guide

Also see what over the air channels are in your area:

tv station locator tool


The Tablo DRV is an awesome over the air recording device that the whole house can benefit from. Everyone can enjoy there own television program using their device of choice. With Tablo TV’s on going development it should stay relevant for the foreseeable future.

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