The Matricom G-Box Andriod Kodi Box Review

I recently upgraded my old Mac Mini to the Matricom G-Box as my main media streaming box for my living room. It is a nice overall streaming box. It runs Kodi and Android apps very well. Setup and installation was extremely easy. It comes pre-installed with Kodi. I upgrade it to the latest version of Kodi using the Google app store. You can also load many different Android apps and games from the Google play store. The Matricom G-Box also plays Amazon Video extremely well. Over all I am pleased with this small yet powerful media box.

The Matricom G-Box Review

After many years of reliable service it was finally time to decommission my older Mac Mini and upgrade to a new streaming box. I decided to upgrade to the Matricom G-Box. This box is a very small Android device that has a powerful Quad Core S802 processor paired with the Mali450 Octo Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor, which allows it to stream just about anything without skipping a beat.

Matricom G-Box Components

Unboxing and Setup

The G-Box arrived in a compact box. The box contains the G-Box, remote, power supply, quick start guide and a 5ft HDMI cable. The device is very easy to setup. First plug in the power and HDMI cable into your TV or surround sound system. Then hit the power button on the remote and you will see the blue light on top of the G-Box light up and you are off to the races. This box boots up very fast.

Matricom G-Box Box


  • True 1080p and 4k Ultra HD
  • High performance Quad Core S802 CPU
  • Mali450 Octo Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor
  • Dual-band 802.11ac Gigabit 5G WiFi
  • 10/100 Full Duplex Ethernet Port
  • Two USB 2.0 inputs
  • SD Card Port
  • Optical Audio Port
  • 4.0 Low Power Bluetooth
  • Android games available
  • Cloud updating
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 1 year warranty

Running Kodi

Kodi runs extremely well on the Matricom G-Box. Just launch it from the main screen icon using the remote. Kodi starts up very quickly and is responsive. It moves in between screen options without hesitation. Streaming videos and online content is where this box does a great job. All of the add-ons that I installed played as expected. The powerful CPU and GPU handled whatever I threw at it with ease. Update: I have installed and used Kodi 17 Krypton and it runs very well.


The remote that comes with the G-box is a basic functional remote. It does have a nice feel in the hand. It has decent navigation buttons allowing you to maneuver around the screen. If you plan on running Kodi as your main media player, you should consider upgrading to a wireless mouse or media remote. It will give much more functionality and ease of use. One thing I dislike is the only power switch is on the remote. You can also unplug the power to shut it on and off. The box will automatically turn on once plugged in. I would prefer a power switch on the box as well.

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Matricom G-Box Remote

Main Media Box

This has now become my main media box for my living room. It has performed very well since I have purchased it. Setting up this box was very easy and the performance has been just what I expected. I must say that the boot up and shut down is a lot faster than a PC or Mac. It happens within seconds. With this box and my over the air antenna, there is no need for cable TV.

Matricom G-Box Light

Google Apps

All of the Google apps from the Google Play Store are available for install on this Android box. The apps that I installed work very well. I use a few TV apps like: Pluto TV, NBC, FOX, A&E, MTV and VH1. I am able to stream content and watch certain TV shows.

Amazon Prime

The G-Box works very well with Amazon Prime Video. Streaming is fast and the user interface is responsive and easy to use. I have been using Amazon Prime Video with this box and have been very pleased with it’s performance.

Pluto TV

One app I enjoy using is Pluto TV, which you can install from the Google Play Store. It is basically channels that Pluto TV created of clips and content from around the web. It is nicely packaged into a channel guide style interface. It has many channels broken into categories. They are also going to provide content from Hulu in the near future. Some of my favorite channels are their comedy, documentary, news and music channels. They also have a good selection of sports and music videos. They are always adding new content. See our view below.

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Pluto TV

Pluto TV Pic

Matricom G-Box Q2

Matricom has come out with a new box and firmware upgrade since writing this review. The new box is called the Matricom G-Box Q2. It is essentially the same designed device but, has a faster CPU and graphics processor. It also allows you to stream Amazon Prime Video.


They have also upgraded the firmware, which is available as an update on the original G-Box. This new update will give you all the features of the newer G-Box Q2. The version 2.0 of the firmware brings the Android 5 Lollipop OS and new features that are found on the new Q2, such as the new heads-up UI, better Kodi support and a more stable user experience. So even with my original G-Box, I still have all the features of the G-Box Q2. The firmware upgrade was simple to implement. You can head over to Matricom’s website to see how it is done.

Where to Buy:

The Matricom G-Box Q2 is available for purchase at these retailers:



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Combine Your Kodi Box With an HD Antenna

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I have been very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend buying the Matricom G-Box as your media player. If you are looking for a streaming box that will run Kodi and Google apps well then look no further.

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  1. Hello,
    Just want to know if apps like PLEX works well on this Box?

    • I have not personally tried Plex on the G-Box. I use Kodi to play back all of my media files from my server or online. So I have no need for Plex. I have seen many people have luck with Plex on the G-Box using the Kodi add-on called PleXBMC. Here is the link to PleXBMC Wiki page: This add-on allows you to view and play Plex files from Kodi. Hope this helps.


    • I would say you get what you pay for, cheaper boxes generally do not have as good customer support and use cheaper parts. This box has a great track record and good reviews. I had this box for a while and have been pleased with it’s performance.

  3. I am thinking of getting the Android Box and was wondering if I can use the same box for more then 1 TV? And if yes how? Any help is highly appreciated

    • It is possible to do, but not sure how feasible it would be. You could split the video and audio output signal using an HDMI DA(distribution amp). HDMI DA example see link: If the TV’S are in different rooms, your cable runs would be very long and both TV’s would have the same image. If you are planning to use an Android Box simply for multi monitor display this could work. If you are not using it as a multi monitor display, then buy two Android Boxes, one for each TV. Hope this helped.

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