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ANTOP AT-400BV Big Boy Antenna Install and Review

In this article, I will be reviewing the ANTOP “Big Boy” AT-400BV antenna. This antenna is very versatile. It can be used inside or mounted outside the home. I will be installing this over the air antenna in my attic to see how it performs. I live 40 – 50 miles away from most of the broadcast towers. The ANTOP AT-400BV is rated to receive stations as far as 85 miles away. So I should have no problem viewing these stations. Let’s take a look at the components, install process, and how it performed.

ANTOP Big Boy AT-400BV Antenna Unboxed

This ANTOP over the air antenna comes in a mid-size box and is neatly packed. Here is what is inside.

  • ANTOP AT-400BV Antenna
  • Power Inserter with Smart Switch
  • AC/DC Power Adapter
  • Indoor Stand
  • VHF Enhanced Rods
  • 39 ft Coaxial Cable
  • Wall/Pole Mounting Bracket
  • User Manual

First Impressions

I was impressed at how well the ANTOP Big Boy AT-400BV antenna was designed. It is a lightweight antenna that is well-constructed and sturdy. It is moderately sized at 22 x 10 x 4.7 inches. The antenna and components were efficiently packaged and easy to unpack. I like that they provided a long coaxial cable. Overall, I was pleased with what you got with this antenna for the price.


The ANTOP Big Boy AT-400BV has many features.

  • Screw on enhancer rods to strengthen VHF reception
  • Removable stand
  • UV coating with a weather-resistant finish
  • Smartpass technology amplifies the range from 75 to 85 miles
  • 4G LTE filter to block unwanted 3G and 4G signals
  • Multi-directional reception for weak signal strength areas

Install and Setup

Setting up the ANTOP “Big Boy” antenna was pretty straightforward. This antenna has several options for installing and placing the antenna. It comes with a nice stand that you slide in and clicks into place. This is very useful if you plan on placing the antenna on a table or shelf. It also has an option for pole mounting outside or in the attic. So depending on your situation, the installation will be different. In my case, I did not need the pole mounting hardware because I was placing the antenna into a small access opening in the rafters of the attic.

ANTOP Big Boy AT-400BV Antenna Install and Review

Attic Access Opening

The directions were easy to follow. Just screw in the two VHF rods on each side of the antenna. Then screw in the long white coaxial cable with the weatherproof cup side into the back of the antenna. The other side of the coaxial cable screws into the input of the power inserter. Then plug the other side of the power inserter into your television. To power, the antenna, plug in the power supply into the power inserter and then to a power wall outlet. It is all labeled on the back of the power inserter. Also, make sure to turn on the smart switch to the on position. It will light up green to indicate it is on.

Antenna Placement

I removed my old antenna from the attic access space and replaced it with the ANTOP “Big Boy” AT-400BV. I did have to unscrew one of the VHF rods to get the antenna into place. Once the antenna was in place, I was able to screw the rod back into the antenna. It fits nicely between the rafters with some installation. I already knew where the best place to point and place my antenna from my previous installation. For most new installs you will need to determine the best direction to point your antenna. This can be done using our antenna locator tool. This page will show you broadcast towers and channels available in your area.

ANTOP Big Boy AT-400BV Antenna Install and Review

ANTOP AT-400BV Attic

Running Cable

After I installed the antenna I ran the coaxial cable through a hole that I had previously drilled and fasten the antenna cable to the wall using some cable tie screws. This helps keep the cable in place and looks nice.

Then I screwed the end of the antenna cable into a wall jack in the room. The wall jack is wired into the basement and into a splitter. I use the existing coaxial wiring in my house to run the antenna feed to two televisions. You can read my article on how this can be done. It allows me to install a splitter in the basement and split the antenna signal to several televisions.

ANTOP Big Boy AT-400BV Antenna Install and Review

Wall Jack

Channel Reception

Once the antenna was installed I went downstairs and performed a channel scan on the living room and bedroom televisions. I was able to obtain 63 channels. This is 4 more stations than my old antenna. I gained a few stations from Providence and Rhode Island. These stations included ABC, NBC, and some substations from Providence. That is pretty good considering I live in Massachusetts and some of my weaker stations like Fox and MyTV are much stronger now. These stations would sometimes drop in and out, but not anymore. I am very pleased.

The ANTOP “Big Boy” AT-400BV is available at:


ANTOP “Big Boy” AT-400BV Outdoor/Indoor(Attic)


ANTOP “Big Boy” AT-400BV Outdoor/Indoor(Attic)


Overall I am impressed with the ANTOP AT-400BV performance. This antenna was easy to set up and install for anyone with a moderate technical skill level. ANTOP has a full line of antennas that can suit many needs. This over the air antenna was a great upgrade to my old antenna which was about 12 years old. It exceeded my expectations. Disclosure: I was given this antenna for an honest review.

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  1. Hi Johan, I’m just starting with OTA, and put up a GE 33692 attic antenna. I see you live in Mass so you may have some info or local practical expertise that could help me. I live in Northborough. I first had problems with Ch 5-ABC no signal and Ch 25-Fox no signal. I added a Channelmaster CM-7777HD preamp. Ch 5 now comes in with a little distortion every few minutes but Fox is still very scrambled or no signal. I also get a bunch of other stations I never knew existed (nor that I care about). So my first question is how do I get Ch 5 100%? Second, what can I do about Fox? I am planning on experimenting with antenna location and aiming but is there anything else? Another antenna, inside or on the roof? I also came across Airbox, which is discontinued. Are there similar devices and would they help?…….Thanks

    • I some times have problems receiving Ch 5-ABC as well. I think they are having issues with their broadcast tower. Their signal is not as strong as it used to be. They may be in the process of fixing it. This is mainly happening on my bedroom TV. The living room TV has no problem and does not drop the signal. I think in my case it may be the tuner in the bedroom TV. Each TV is different and some tuners are more capable than others. Ch 25-Fox can sometimes be an issue for me. I am fortunate to live closer to Providence so many times a can switch over to those affiliates to receive a better signal. In your case, I would look into a larger antenna on the roof or in the attic. Your antenna is limited to 60 miles. You could try the ANTOP AT-400BV which is rated to 85 miles. It helped me. Another good antenna is the Antennas Direct Clearstream 4V. Just make sure that your antenna is high up and away from any obstructions. Alternatives to Airbox can be found in our articles: How to Record Over The Air TV With a Digital Converter Box / DVR and Record Your Favorite Shows With an OTA DVR. Good luck!

    • I found a forum discussing your problem. It looks like WCVB Ch-5 and other stations are having problems with their antennas after the FCC channel repack. The repack forced many broadcasters to change their frequency causing them to use backup antennas and reduce power until they can install new ones. Some broadcasters are behind schedule including WCVB. So we just got to be patient until they fix it. Sometime this spring. Here is the link for further information. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/45-local-hdtv-info-reception/28454-boston-ma-ota-421.html

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