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ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar 80 Mile Indoor Antenna

Finding a quality indoor over the air antenna can be hard. Many are not big or powerful enough to obtain any channels. They lack the strength to receive any channels on the VHF band. Let’s take a look at an indoor antenna that actually performs. The ANTOP AT-500SBS HD smart bar antenna is an over the air indoor antenna that meets most of these expectations. The ANTOP AT-500SBS HD smart bar antenna has a multi-directional pattern and an adjustable amplifier that helps to pull in TV stations. It is a bit larger than most indoor antennas, but its flat and sleek design makes it easy to mount on a wall or sit in its stand.

ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar Antenna

ANTOP has been making quality over the air antennas since 1980. They offer an extensive lineup of indoor and outdoor OTA antennas. The ANTOP AT-500SBS HD smart bar antenna is no exception. Here are some of its features.


  • Smart Boost System
  • 80-mile signal range
  • Connects two devices simultaneously
  • Built-in adjustment dial delivers optimal antenna reception
  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter for less picture pixelation
  • Multi-Directional reception pattern
  • Includes integrated FM antenna
  • Compact and sleek design

Signal Reception

If you live close to a major city, this antenna should have no problem receiving channels. I would recommend mounting the ANTOP AT-500SBS HD smart bar antenna horizontally. This way, it can obtain channels on the VHF band better. VHF channels require a wide antenna to obtain these stations. This antenna does claim to receive channels from 80 miles away. This might be overstated. You might be able to reach those channels if this antenna was mounted in the attic, but in most cases, if mounted on the wall or in its stand, you can expect to get stations in the range of about 40-45 miles.


ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar 80 Mile Indoor Antenna

The ANTOP AT-500SBS HD smart bar antenna has a unique design. It looks like a speaker soundbar. It can be mounted on a wall or sit in its scratch-proof stand vertically or horizontally.

Power Booster

ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar 80 Mile Indoor Antenna

This ANTOP antenna comes with a built-in adjustable gain power booster. This is a nice feature. It allows you to control the amount of gain going to the tuner just by turning a dial. This can be useful for weak or over-modulated signals. It also will filters out 3G and 4G cellular noise for better reception.

FM Antenna

The ANTOP AT-500SBS antenna also can be used as an FM amplified radio antenna. This can be handy if you have poor radio reception. This antenna has two outputs that allow you to connect two devices. You could have your FM stereo, and television hooked up at the same time.

Where to buy


ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar Antenna


ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar Antenna


The ANTOP AT-500SBS HD smart bar antenna is a capable indoor OTA antenna. It offers a nice range and features. You should consider upgrading your old flat wall antenna to this ANTOP antenna if you are having reception issues. In most cases, a larger antenna is needed if you are having trouble receiving stations.

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