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ANTOP Smart Boost Adjustable Antenna Amplifier

If you own an over the air antenna then you know how important amplification is to get a good signal. If your signal is too weak an antenna amplifier can strengthen the signal to improve reception. It also helps to amplify the signal if your cable runs are very long. In some cases, over-amplification can cause your signal to be too strong. It can cause loss of signal because of the overmodulation of the signal to the tuner. Most antenna amplifiers give you all or nothing for signal strength. The ANTOP smart boost antenna amplifier can help in these matters. It has an adjustable power boost that allows you to control the amount of gain sent to the tuner. This can be extremely helpful in many situations.

ANTOP Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier Features

  • Compatible with all antenna brands
  • Easy to use with any passive (non-amplified) antenna
  • Adjustable power boost delivers optimal antenna reception
  • Dual outputs connect to more than one device simultaneously
  • 4G LTE Filter built-in for less picture pixelation
  • Enhances FM reception

Adjustable Gain

Having an adjustable gain allows you to control the amount of signal being sent to the TV tuner. If you are experiencing a signal loss due to overmodulation of the signal strength, this amplifier can alleviate the problem. This smart boost antenna amplifier will let you fine-tune the signal for perfect reception.

Dual Outputs

The ANTOP smart boost antenna amplifier has two outputs. This is a great feature allowing you to hook up a second TV or connect to an OTA DVR.

4G LTE Filter

It also comes with a built-in 4G LTE filter. The filter will automatically block 3G and 4G cellphone interference to help with pixelation and signal issues from cell towers.


  • Frequency Range: 47-700MHz
  • Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
  • Gain: 14dB
  • Adjusting Range: 0~10dB
  • Max Output Level: 98dBuV
  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Noise Figure: ≤3dB
  • Return Loss: >8dB (5-1000MHz)
  • Power Supply: DC12V via power adapter
  • Power output: None
  • Insertion Loss: None

The ANTOP smart boost antenna amplifier is available at these retailers.

ANTOP Website:

ANTOP Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier


ANTOP Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier


The ANTOP smart boost antenna amplifier gives the user great control over the signal strength being sent to the TV tuner. This is an excellent option for those having issues with weak signals. If you are looking to upgrade or purchase a new antenna amplifier, you should consider adding this device to your antenna setup.

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