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Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR and Streaming Box

Channel Master has been producing quality products for a long time. They make great over the air antennas, splitters, amplifiers, and DVRs. They are introducing a new media player called the Channel Master Stream+ that integrates two OTA tuners to record and watch antenna broadcast signals. The Stream+ has a subscription-free live program and DVR guide, that makes viewing and recording your favorite TV show seamless. The Stream+ is capable of 4K and HD viewing. It is all powered by an Android operating system that also allows you to install just about any app, game, or streaming service from the Google Play Store. The Channel Master Stream+ is a fully integrated media player for anyone looking to watch and record OTA broadcast TV and has the capability to stream many popular streaming apps. There are not many all-in-one streaming boxes on the market with built-in tuners. It is nice to see Channel Master is filling this void.

Channel Master Stream+ Features

Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR and Streaming Box


The Channel Master Stream+ comes equipped with two ATSC 1.0 tuners which work with all over the air antennas. It allows for the recording of two shows simultaneously while watching a streaming service. The other capability is to record one live show while watching another. All content is recorded to a removable microSD card (64GB minimum, and speed class U3 for DVR capability) which is not included. It also has the support to record to an external USB hard drive, which allows for even more recording time. The amount of available channels depends on your antenna and location. To find out what type of antenna you may need, see our antenna locator page.

Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR and Streaming Box

Free Subscription Service TV Guide

The Stream+ comes with a free TV guide provided by Google Live Channels Guide. This allows you to schedule a recording, watch live TV and see what shows are available up to 14 days in advance. The Stream+ is powered by Google’s Android TV, making it a stable and supported platform for the foreseeable future. It also allows for possible side-loading popular apps like Kodi or Plex, which could make this streaming box very popular with cord-cutters.

Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR and Streaming Box

Google Live TV Channel Guide

Channel Master Stream+ Intro Video

Tech Specs

The Channel Master Stream+ technical specifications and features:

What is in the box:

  • Stream+
  • Quick Start Guide
  • IR/Bluetooth/Voice Remote
  • 2 – AAA Batteries
  • Power Supply
  • 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Hardware and Software:

  • Quad-Core ARM Processor
  • Android Nougat 7.0
  • 4KP60 UHD 10-bit HEVC
  • HDR-10
  • SD or HD, Up to 1920 X 1080
  • 4kp50-60, UHD Up to 3840×2160
  • Integrated Voice Search
  • Two internal ATSC 1.0 tuners
  • Built-in Google Cast (Chromecast) functionality
  • Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ audio support


  • RF Port (ATSC 1.0 Dual Tuner)
  • HDMI Port (2.0 with HDCP 2.2)
  • Optical Audio Port (SPDIF)
  • USB Port (USB3.0)
  • Ethernet Port (10/100BaseT)
  • MicroSD Port (U3 Required for DVR Capability up to 512GB)
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz /5 GHz WiFi
  • Dual Band 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 4.1

Additional Features

The Stream+ does have some additional features like an optional silicon remote case and a gaming controller (coming soon).

Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR and Streaming Box

Where to Buy:

The Channel Master Stream+ is available from these retailers:

Channel Master:

Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR and Streaming Box

Channel Master Stream+


Channel Master Stream+


The Stream+ is a long-needed addition to the OTA DVR market. It offers up-to-date streaming functionality and great over the air broadcast recording attributes. The Stream+ will replace its older Channel Master OTR DVR which worked great to record but was missing many of the online viewing capabilities. There are also other options to consider when recording OTA broadcast TV, like using a DVR converter box, Tivo, or Tablo TV. It is nice to see companies still innovating in this space. If you are looking to cut the cord by using a combination of an OTA antenna and online streaming you should consider the Channel Master Stream+.

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  1. Johan, appreciate the great article. I preordered the Stream+ about a month ago so hopefully It will arrive before long.
    I have gone to OTA and presently using a Ematic brand DVR I got at Walmart for around 20 dollars. It does OK for the money. The tuner is OK and it will record one channel but needs absolutely Perfect channel reception or you get some pixelating in the recording. I live at least 50 miles from the nearest TV station as the crow flies and use a fairly large outdoor TV antenna and pick up about 45 OTA channels.I added a splitter so I could watch TV in 2 rooms but since the splitter decreases signal I also added a Preamp at the antenna. This set up gives me really nice HD reception, although to get great reception on all channels I have to manually turn the antenna a few degrees sometimes. I’ll probably get a antenna rotater at some point in time but no rush. I also use a Roku to stream programming and it works great considering I have Satellite internet. I mostly stream from Netflix and just get their cheaper SD (standard definition) streaming as it’s less expensive but also allows me to stream much more programming Via Satellite than I could if I were steaming in HD as with satellite internet I’m limited with both MPS and the overall data amount I can stream in a month. The model Roku I have is so nice and so simple for streaming too. A very simple set up and has a Netflix button on it. Once set up I just hit the netflix button and it turns on the TV, automatically turns it to the correct input and takes me straight into netflix! I love it!

    • Thanks. Glad you liked it. Sounds like you have an excellent setup. It is definitely the way to go. Using an OTA antenna in conjunction with a streaming box. That is what I do as well. When you get your new Channel Master Stream+. Please come back and leave a comment on your experience with it.

    • Why is this marked “subscription service”????
      There’s never a “subscription” of any kind.

      • Generally, they call a TV guide service a subscription service. This allows you to schedule your recordings in advance. It also lets you see what is on TV and program descriptions. It updates through the internet and usually requires you to create an account. This service is free and the Stream+ uses Google Live Channels to power this service.

  2. i am intrested in a tv antenna i make a antenna but it only take one local channel but i need to get a device so i could get more channel and better service so if you could give some advice i would be glad thank you

  3. In terms of big streaming apps, everyone knows at this point that the Stream+ doesn’t support Netflix or Amazon. It also doesn’t support some network tv apps such as The CW (sorry fans of DC’s Supergirl or Arrow, and Supernatural fans). Finally, lacks support for many of the niche streaming apps you might be enjoying on your other android devices.

    The DVR fails to play back recordings if you open or close a streaming app during the recording. Recordings will also fail if you pause live tv while something else is recording, or if you pause the recording you’re watching while recording something else. And let’s not forget the ever popular random recording failures.

    Customer service from ChannelMaster isn’t “live”. You must submit an online ticket and someone from ChennelMaster will respond by e-mail or phone call (your choice) and tell you to perform a factory data reset. Regardless of your issue, that’s always their first step. This wipes all your recordings, schedules, and downloaded apps. This is followed by reinstalling your chosen apps, reconnecting them and reentering your user names and passwords.

    This device has been available to consumers for nearly a year and the bugs are still plentiful. The Stream+ falls short of both the “Stream”, and the “+”.

    • Let’s hope Channel Master can fix some of the bugs with a firmware upgrade. Hopefully, in the future, the Netflix and Amazon Video apps will work on this device. That seems like a major oversite on their part. Thanks for the comment on your experience.

  4. I am looking to cord cut. Most important is a device that would populate over the air channels received through an antenna and channels received through Hulu so that we do no not have to switch inputs back and forth constantly. Would this device have a single channel guide that populates both sets of channels?

    • I don’t believe you can view Hulu channels and OTA channels on the same channel guide. You can switch between live tv and streaming apps like Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling… So there would be no need to switch inputs on your TV. It would be all accessable from the Channel Master Stream+.

  5. What Johan said above is true. That is assuming you also have a internet modem. If you have a smart TV you have even more options. As to bugs, I’ve had the Stream+ for more than a year now. It was buggy but it has kept evoving over time and improving. We used to have to power down the box now and then as it would just keep searching or would come on with no volume. But for the last few months it has worked so much better. I haven’t had to do pull the power plug(hard boot) on the Steam plus for several months. It’s worked Great!! We pull in quite a few VHF and UHF OTA channels and have the 9 dollar a month Netflix. I have a fairly large antenna and CM rotor. I have a 2 TB WD hard drive connected to the plus to record OTA programs. It’s worked perfectly all along. However we can seldom see future progaming more than a week out which is not a big deal to me. I have satellite internet, though slow, does keep improving as well but I’d trade it in a heartbeat for Spectrum’s basic internet which is half the price of my satellite service and several times faster but it’s not available where I live.

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