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Find an Internet Service Provider in Your Area Search Tools

Find an Internet Service Provider in Your Area Search Tools

Are you looking for a better internet service provider or maybe you are disappointed with your current one. I have created this page as a resource for finding internet service providers in your area. You can use this page to shop and compare different rates. Many people are realizing you don’t need cable to watch TV. All you need is an internet connection, a streaming box and an HD antenna. Many cable and TV providers are now offering internet only packages. So there is no need to bundle cable with internet anymore. If you are lucky, you may have more than one internet service provider in your area.


More Broadband Choices

What people should be demanding are more choices for internet providers, which would cause a drop in cable prices. Most cable companies in the US still hold a monopoly on providing internet. The government should allow more companies into this space. There need to be more choices for broadband. Hopefully, that will be the next step to level the playing field.

How Fast Should My Internet Be to Stream Videos?

For most services, a 10mb connection will work great for a few devices. Most streaming services use what is called a variable bit rate and can sense the connection speed coming from the device playing the video. It will reduce the quality of the video to maintain the stream. If you are using one device then a 5mb connection will do. The more devices you use to stream simultaneously the more bandwidth you will need.

Broadband / Internet Speed Test Tool

Shop Around for The Best Deals

Internet providers are always coming up with new deals. So it pays to shop around. Some providers are moving away from locking you into a contract. So you may be able to switch deals much easier than before.

Tips for Switching Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Bundle Options

Do not be pressured into staying with your current provider. They may try to entice you with bundle options, like phone, cable and internet. Then turn around and jack up your rate in a year or two. In the long run, you will save money by sticking with just internet.

Home Phone Line

If you have a home phone line bundled with your ISP you can always switch. Voice over IP is the current standard for a landline phone. This means you can switch to any service that offers VoIP. All you need is an internet connection and you can pair it with any VoIP phone service. You can also take your current phone number with you to the new service. Generally, it requires you to buy a small device that plugs into the router and then connect the phone to the device. Many people are also forgoing the home phone and just using their cell phone as the primary line.

Magic Jack

I have been using Magic Jack for many years. It’s cheap and it works great. It’s easy to setup and portable. They also have a nice app for your smartphone, that allows you to check voice messages, make calls and see who is calling.

Find an Internet Service Provider in Your Area Search Tools

PhonePower by Broadvoice

Domestic or International phone service!

Find an Internet Service Provider in Your Area Search Tools

Broadvoice setup

Broadvoice also offers a device that plugs into your router. They have affordable monthly plans with unlimited calling anywhere in the USA and Canada. They offer international plans.


In most cases, you should check to see if you can buy your own modem or router. Many service providers will trick you into renting a modem or router and adding it to your bill every month. You can ask the provider what type of modem they are using and buy your own. You can find many of them on Amazon for short money.

[amazon template=image&asin=B0111MRLES]

ISP Comparison Sites

XFINITY from Comcast Service Area

Click on the map to see Comcast coverage in your area.

Here are some helpful comparison websites that can help you shop around for the best deals in your area. With all of these sites just type in your zip code and address and you will be presented with a list of internet service providers in your area. Call the provider or shop online for the best deals.

Do you live in a remote or rural area where internet is limited? Read my rural internet guide.

International ISP Comparison Sites

Cellular Hot Spots

Huawei E5770s-320 150 Mbps 4G LTE

Depending on where you live, wireless cellular might be the best option. Many providers are offering unlimited data. In most cases, you can pair your data plan with a wireless hotspot and share the internet connection throughout the house. The Huawei E5770s-320 150 Mbps 4G LTE allows you to share internet with up to 10 devices and also has an Ethernet port for additional coverage. This device will not work with all providers. You can check these providers to see if this option may work for your situation. Many cellular providers offer similar hot-spots, it is worth shopping around. We have provided links below to the most popular cellular providers.





Fiber Internet

Verizon Fios offers internet-only packages that are perfect for providing bandwidth to your streaming devices. Verizon Fios is a fiber network that offers high-speed internet to your home. It is a great alternative to cable. It is not available in all areas but it is definitely worth checking out.


DSL Extreme is another good option. Many DSL companies are upgrading their old copper lines to high-speed fiber. Speeds may vary depending on where you live. Their trueSTREAM plan offers high-speed internet up to 75mbps.

See if DSL Extreme is in your area?
DSL Extreme starts at only $17.95/month


In some cases, satellite internet may be your only option. You can read our how-to guide for internet service providers for remote locations. It has a section on satellite providers and what they can offer.


The internet is becoming more accessible and the ways of watching TV are changing. Streaming services and devices are allowing you to watch shows and movies when and where you want. The technology of getting internet to your home is getting better. Hopefully, the future will allow for more options. This page will be updated to reflect the changing landscape.

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  1. I live in a rural area. I only have one option for high speed Internet service called Comwavz. I can see the tower their antenna is on from my house. It’s only a couple miles away. I pay about the same as people do for service from a cable. Yet, it goes down again and again, sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for most of the day and the provided gives me excuses. Its the weather. Its a temperature inversion. The most common one is that it’s interference. They keep telling me they are working with the manufacturer to solve it and yet it seems to be getting worse. I think they aren’t doing anything to fix it and they keep adding more subscribers. I’m not stupid, I used to work with electronics and I know that microwave communications work a heck of a lot better than this does. But, I have no options until those low orbit satellite Internet services get going. I was wondering if this is a common problem with fixed over the air Internet and do you think the low Earth orbit Internet will be more reliable?

    • Have you considered cellular data? If you have cell towers close, you could set up a cellular antenna to receive the signal. Then use a cellular router to rout the signal throughout your home. A cellular hot spot could also work. Speeds and costs will vary depending on the provider. See our other guide on internet in rural areas for more information.

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