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Truck idling interferes with ota signal

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      I have an upgraded stereo system in my truck with multiple amps 300 amp alternator 3 batteries and a bunch of 0 guage ofc cable and when I start my truck to warm it up I come back in the house and tv is out I have went back and shut truck off and tv is back on start it again and tv is out. My antenna and all coax runs are on opposite side of house the closest coax cable is approximately 35 feet from where I park truck. Does anyone know why this would happen please? I only added all the truck info in case it has to do with all the gear involved. Thank you


        There are several other people having similar problems as you. In the comment section of this article https://www.overtheairdigitaltv.com/eliminate-over-the-air-antenna-interference/. Many people were complaining of trucks knocking out their OTA signals. It seems that the electronics in your truck are interfering with your antenna. You can try using a Tripp Lite Isobar. You could also try moving the antenna higher and get a better insulated coaxial cable. Hope this helps and good luck.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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