How to Choose an RV OTA Antenna

Most people who own an RV use it to get away from life and explore the country. It’s a great way to unplug and relax. But there are times when you need to stay connected to the news or just watch a TV show or a good movie. Just about every higher end RV comes equipped with a television and some do have built-in OTA antennas. Many times these antennas are small and flimsy and will not bring in many stations. In some cases, your RV may not have an OTA antenna at all. Especially if you are restoring an old RV or customizing one. The other great benefit is that broadcast television is free and in high definition, so you don’t have to pay a fee to watch local television. Your only upfront cost is the antenna. If you are looking for a new over the air antenna or just want to upgrade to a more powerful one here is a list of RV antennas to consider.

Choosing an RV OTA Antenna

Choosing an RV OTA antenna is not a complicated process, though it may take a little time to find the best place to mount your antenna. Generally, the roof is the best place. In some cases mounting to a pole on the side of the RV might be your best option. Some people may opt for an indoor window mounted antenna. This option will bring in fewer channels. Depending on where your RV is parked and how close you are to the local broadcast towers will ultimately determine what channels you will receive and the quality of the reception.

Types of RV OTA Antennas

There are several types of RV antennas. To get the most bang for your buck you will likely want to have a roof mounted antenna. This will give you the best reception. If you plan on moving your RV to a new location you might want to consider an antenna that is versatile and comes with an amplifier to boost your signal. Consider upgrading your old bat antenna to a more powerful full range antenna. You should see an increase in channels. Here are some over the air RV antennas that we recommend.

KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Over the Air Antenna

KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna with Mount and Signal Finder - White

The KING OA8500 is long range OTA RV antenna. KING has been making quality RV antennas for many years. This RV OTA antenna is one of the most powerful on the market. It comes with its own preamplifier to boost broadcast signals. It also has a remote signal indicator. This allows you to remotely see the strength of the signal. This can come in handy to fine tune your reception. The antenna easily rotates and allows for a 360-degree reception. It comes with a full mounting kit for easy installation.

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Winegard RS-3000 RoadStar Amplified Digital HD RV TV Antenna

Winegard RS-3000 RoadStar Amplified Digital HD RV TV Antenna (4K Ultra-HD Ready, ATSC 3.0 Ready, VHF and UHF, Omni-Directional, Long Range Outdoor Motorhome TV Antenna) - White

The Winegard RS-3000 is an excellent 360 degrees RV antenna. Unlike some other OTA antennas, there is no need to direct this antenna. It is omnidirectional allowing for a 360-degree radius. This antenna has a 35-mile range. The Winegard RS-3000 is made of UV protected and weatherproof material. This antenna simply mounts to the top of your RV. The mounting hardware is included.

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Winegard Rayzar Automatic RZ-8500 Fully Automatic RV Antenna

Winegard Company White RZ-8500 Rayzar Automatic Hd Antenna

The Winegard Rayzar RZ-8500 is an automated RV OTA antenna. This antenna will automatically scan the area, find and lock onto the best reception channels. The unit is self-contained. The antenna rotates in its waterproof and weather tight dome. This unit also has a mountable wall plate interface that allows for easy control. It has an ultra-low noise amplifier that will give you excellent signal quality. It comes with mounting hardware and cabling.

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Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV

Winegard 8551203.400S White RVW-395 Sensar IV HDTV RV Antenna

The Winegard RVM-395 Sensar IV is a no-frills OTA RV antenna. It is a simple retractable antenna that has a 55-mile range. The antenna will raise and lower using a hand crank. So it will not cause any hight obstructions when driving. This antenna is powder coated so it will withstand the elements. The antenna comes with mounting hardware, a lift assembly, power supply, and all the proper cabling.

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Tools to Help with RV OTA Antenna Reception

If you are moving to a new RV park week to week your channels and reception will change. Depending on where the local broadcast towers are for the area. There are several tools that can help you determine where the local broadcast towers are. You can use this site location tool by clicking the banner below. Just enter the zip code for the local area and it will present you with the broadcast towers and channels in that area.

Smart Phone Apps

These apps for your phone can also help point an RV OTA antenna. The apps are broken down for the iPhone and Android. These apps can come in handy if you want to quickly see where the broadcast towers are in the area.




TV Towers USA
tv towers usa

Antenna Point

tv towers usa


Digital TV Antennas

digital tv antennas app logo

HDTV Antenna Pointer

antenna pointer app


Installing a quality RV OTA antenna can make a big difference in your antenna reception. Before installing make sure that you have the proper hardware and space to mount the OTA antenna. Depending on the size of your RV you may need additional coaxial cabling. Enjoy the open road and then relax knowing that your new RV OTA antenna will provide you with hours of free entertainment.

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