How to Choose The Right Streaming Box For Your Needs

There are many options for streaming boxes. I always get the question, “What is the best streaming box?”. I say choose the box that fits your needs. If you are not tech-savvy then you should stick with a plug and play. They are simple to set up and offer easy to install applications and services. If you have some technical sense and are willing to tweak a few settings and installs you may want to consider a different type of box.  For some people, building their own system may be the best way. Creating your own box will allow you to customize your system with the latest and greatest hardware.

Choose The Right Streaming Box For You

Easy to Setup Boxes

Entry into this market is getting easier year after year. For most people, the best way to choose a streaming box is to stick with the favorites in this space. Each of these boxes is easy to set up and get streaming. Apps are simple to install and choosing a premium content provider is easy to implement. If you are looking to stream Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime then these boxes are for you. Here are a few easy to use boxes for someone looking to get into this space without being too tech-savvy.

Roku 3

The Roku 3 is available at these retailers:


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Roku 3

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is available at these retailers:


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Amazon Fire TV

Apple TV

How to Choose The Right Streaming Box For Your Needs

Apple TV is available at this retailer:


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Apple TV (4th Generation) 32GB HD Media Streamer - A1625 MR912LL/A

End Date: Saturday Jul-11-2020 17:44:59 PDT
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Hire a Streaming Media Player Setup Specialist

Need help setting up your streaming box? Hire a Streaming Media Player Specialist in your area from Amazon Home Services.

Tech Savvy Boxes

These boxes are for those who like to tinker and customize their streaming box. These boxes are great for experimenting with the latest plugins and add-ons. These boxes are excellent for streaming any type of local content, like from a NAS server or locally attached storage drive. They can also stream different types of online content. They use many 3rd party plugins that require some know-how to install and get working properly. They are able to be customized and require a bit of tech knowledge to get working correctly. Having a working knowledge of software like Kodi and Android is a must.


The Minix NEO U9 is available at these retailers:


Buy It At eBay


Minix NEO U9

See our article of the complete list of Tech Savvy Kodi boxes here

Build Your Own Box

Building your own streaming box can be fun and challenging. Having a working knowledge of different operating systems and hardware is a must. Creating your own system enables you to highly customize the system and streaming setup. There are many options for building a system component by component. First, you need to decide what operating system you would like to use like Windows, IOS or Linux to name a few. There are many components to consider from motherboards, hard drives, graphics cards, and cases. I have built many computer media systems in my day. It is a great way to learn how a computer works.

Shuttle SH87R6 PC Barebone System

Combine Your Streaming Box With an HD Antenna

streaming box antenna savings

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Featured image courtesy of Ambro at


When selecting the right streaming box you should consider all of your options. The best approach is to take your time and decide which system fits your needs. There are many ways to stream content today. Finding the right option for you can be simple or you can challenge yourself by experimenting with different options. Good luck and have fun streaming!

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