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Pluto TV The App You Should Be Using to Watch TV

There are many ways to watch and stream television online. Many apps allow you to stream content from your favorite station or service. Pluto TV is a bit different. It gathers available video content from around the web and uses an interface and channels for you to easily access it for free. Pluto TV has over 75 video and music channels to choose from. I have enjoyed using this app on my Android box and Mac mini. It is a cool way to catch up on some music, news, late night shows, comedy and sports.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV Logo


Pluto TV has over 75+ channels of content ranging from sports, comedy, music videos, entertainment and news. There is plenty of content that will keep you engaged for hours. You can view their current channel list by clicking here.

Pluto TV Channel List:

Video Channels:

Ch. 108 News 24/7
Ch. 111 CNBC
Ch. 116 TYT Network
Ch. 121 NewsmaxTV
Ch. 127 Newsy
Ch. 132 RT America
Ch. 135 Sky News
Ch. 138 The Weather Network
Ch. 140 Business News 24/7
Ch. 143 Bloomberg TV
Ch. 146 Cheddar
Ch. 202 Fear Factor
Ch. 208 Xtreme Sports Channel
Ch. 213 Sports News
Ch. 221 World Poker Tour
Ch. 227 GLORY Kickboxing
Ch. 250 Funny AF
Ch. 261 Stand-up TV
Ch. 264 MST3K
Ch. 267 Fail TV
Ch. 269 The Onion
Ch. 301 The Feed
Ch. 304 Hive
Ch. 322 Anime All Day
Ch. 325 MinecrafTV
Ch. 330 IGN
Ch. 333 CNET
Ch. 336 Geek & Sundry
Ch. 341 Nerdist
Ch. 401 Internet Gold
Ch. 420 THC
Ch. 426 Eye Candy
Ch. 434 NatureVision TV
Ch. 437 Slow TV
Ch. 439 4K TV
Ch. 512 Shout! Factory TV
Ch. 515 Classic TV
Ch. 517 Live Music Replay
Ch. 520 Kids TV
Ch. 526 After School Cartoons
Ch. 531 Classic Toons TV
Ch. 534 Awesomeness TV
Ch. 537 RocketJump
Ch. 542 WHAT?!
Ch. 635 Science TV
Ch. 638 DocuTV
Ch. 643 NASA TV
Ch. 701 Drive-In Movies
Ch. 709 Horror 24/7
Ch. 726 Classic Movies Channel

Music Channels

Ch. 901 Main Stage
Ch. 902 Pop 20
Ch. 903 The City
Ch. 904 Red Cup
Ch. 905 The Cross
Ch. 906 Fuego
Ch. 907 70’s
Ch. 908 80’s
Ch. 909 90’s
Ch. 910 Y2K
Ch. 911 Dash 1
Ch. 912 LOUD
Ch. 913 Dash Indie
Ch. 914 Doggystyle
Ch. 915 Electro City
Ch. 916 Discover
Ch. 917 Dash Alternative
Ch. 918 Monstercat
Ch. 919 The Lab
Ch. 920 Space Bass
Ch. 921 Subdustrial
Ch. 922 Euphoria
Ch. 923 The Strip
Ch. 924 11
Ch. 925 The Oldies
Ch. 926 Ratpack
Ch. 927 Los Anarchy
Ch. 928 What The Funk
Ch. 929 The Bridge
Ch. 930 Moonlight
Ch. 931 Pure Soul
Ch. 932 Love Songs
Ch. 933 La Isla
Ch. 934 Reggae King
Ch. 935 Cool

Pluto TV interface


Their app is available for Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Windows, MAC, and IOS. They also allow you to watch channels right from your web browser on their website. This is a good app to add to your streaming box list of viewing options.

Watching Experience

The overall experience is good. I have tried Pluto TV on an Android device, Web browser, and the Mac mini-app. Moving through stations is very easy. They load pretty quickly. Switching to full-screen mode on a large screen TV adds to your viewing experience. You can toggle very easily between the two and the quality is quite good. It has some nice features that allow you to add your most-watched stations to a saved channel list. Some of the content is pushed from YouTube and other content providers, so you will see ads from time to time.

Pluto TV


There have been talks that Hulu will be providing content in the near future. This content will only be available for viewing on web browsers from their website. Sorry, no app viewing for now. Pluto TV also has a nice selection of music stations from different artists and decades. There are a lot of channels to watch, but I have noticed on channels like Jimmy Fallon and others there is some repeat content. Many of these channels are a good way to catch up on news, sports, and comedy. A lot of the channels consist of clips or segments of shows. Pluto TV does have some good movies and documentaries. Their content is consistently changing and new channels are appearing from time to time.

Looking for your favorite TV show or movie online. Click on our helpful search tool below.

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Overall Pluto TV is a cool way to watch TV. It has some decent content that can keep you engaged. If you have a computer, Android box, or streaming device hooked up to your TV it is definitely worth adding the app to your viewing lineup. Stay tuned, I am sure they will have more to come.

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  1. I’ve been streaming television for about 9 months now, and I’ve never heard of Pluto TV. I like it a lot thanks

    • I am glad you like it. I enjoy watching Pluto TV too. I have been digging their Ratpack music station, DocuTV and Science TV. It seems their channel line keeps changing. So it looks like there maybe more great content to come!

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