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Using a Signal Strength Meter to Find an Over The Air Signal

One of the most frustrating things about watching TV with an over the air antenna is finding a good signal. There are several ways to go about it. You can use a compass and an app to point the antenna in the direction of the broadcast towers. The other option is to use an over the air signal strength meter. This will ensure you are getting the strongest signal from the broadcast towers. A signal strength meter is a small portable device that is plugged in line with the OTA antenna. Then position the antenna until the LED lights on the meter indicate the strongest signal. It is an easy and quick way to set your OTA antenna.

OTA Signal Strength Meter

An OTA signal strength meter can be used in several applications. It is handy when you initially set up your antenna. It is also useful to reposition your home antenna. For RV owners that are often in different locations, it is a quick way to find the strongest over the air signal and get you watching free TV.

Using a Signal Strength Meter to Find an Over The Air Signal


Cimple OTA Signal Strenght Meter


Cimple OTA Signal Strenght Meter

How to Use an OTA Signal Meter

  1. The first step is to plug the cable coming from the antenna into the input labeled antenna on the meter. Make sure to plug in the antenna cable after the powered preamp of the antenna.
  2. Then plug the television into the meter labeled receiver.
  3. Turn on the meter and rotate the adjustment dial fully clockwise.
  4. Position the antenna until most of the LEDs are lit.
  5. Turn the adjustment dial counter-clockwise until the last LED flickers. Then position the antenna until the last LED stays lit.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you get the best reception.
  7. Then use your television to scan for the best available channels.

Compass Signal Finder

Other OTA signal meters come with a built-in compass to help point the antenna in the right direction. Then you can use the meter to fine-tune the signal.


OTA Signal Finder Meter with Compass


OTA Signal Finder Meter with Compass

OTA Apps and Websites

TV Station Locator Tool

To get the most accurate position for your OTA antenna, you should also use an antenna locator app or website. These tools will help determine the locations and distance to the broadcast towers in your area. Check out our antenna locator page for more information on positioning an antenna. It has a locator tool that will display channels and broadcast towers in your area. Our locator page also has other resources and websites to ensure your OTA antenna is positioned properly.


An OTA signal meter is an easy and quick way to find an over the air signal. It is also a useful tool for RV and boat owners that change locations periodically to find a strong signal strength.

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  1. These meters merely show the voltage of all channels combined so you may still not be aiming in the direction you need.
    The only accurate antenna signal meters cost hundreds of dollars for the cheapest ones

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