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VBox Android TV Gateway Over The Air DVR

It is always nice to see companies developing new products for over the air viewers. VBox has been developing media solutions since 2001. The VBox Android TV Gateway is their newest product. It’s an Android-based DVR that will record over the air antenna signals and stream the content to multiple wireless devices on your network. It allows for the flexibility of hooking into a standalone HDMI television or stream your recorded and live broadcast content to several devices around the home. The VBox is a slick-looking device with many features and capabilities. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the VBox Android Gateway has to offer.

VBox Android TV Gateway Features

VBox Android TV Gateway Over The Air DVR


The VBox Android TV Gateway has four built-in tuners. This allows for recording and playback of several channels simultaneously. This is a convenient feature that allows the whole household to watch over the air content when they want on any device they choose. Over the air, content can be streamed to a Smart TV, tablet, smartphone, game console or PC using the VBox LiveTV app. The VBox also has an HDMI output that allows for a direct connection to a TV.


A USB hard drive, SD card or NAS storage device is required to record any broadcast TV content. Many over the air DVR’s work this way. This allows the user the flexibility to determine their storage needs. Recordings can be scheduled from any device using the VBox user interface. You can schedule recordings and see what is on TV weeks in advance using the VBoxs program guide.

VBox Android TV Gateway Over The Air DVR


Many additional streaming apps can be installed on the VBox Android TV Gateway. Since this device is built around Google’s Android TV, you can install many apps from the Google Play Store. This box also allows you to recast content to many devices. VBox also supports a variety of 3rd party TV entertainment apps and UPnP enabled servers.


The popular media software Kodi can be used to playback recorded content using it’s built-in PVR feature. They have their own dedicated PVR addon client interface that can be installed on a Kodi device. This will make the VBox fully functional with Kodi’s Live TV feature.


Plex is also supported. You can integrate the VBox Android Gateway with Plex. This allows for watching and recording live TV using Plex.

VBox Android TV Gateway Over The Air DVR

Product Features

  • Watch Broadcast TV on multiple devices simultaneously up to 4 channels
  • Watch on iOS and Android devices, Smart TVs, PC & Mac, via VBox TV apps, or via 3rd party apps at home and on the go
  • Recast up to 4k broadcast quality Live TV content with a minimal effect on bandwidth
  • Use DVR capabilities to record Live TV, schedule, and manage recordings at home and on the go
  • Record multiple TV shows simultaneously and share recording between devices
  • Recast to additional rooms at home without additional cable installations
  • Transcoding capability in connected devices from 240P to 1080P
  • Over-the-air electronic program guide (EPG)

System Requirements

VBox Devices

VBox Android TV Gateway also works with Cable, Terrestrial DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, and Satellite. Just make sure you specify which device you need according to your setup. Each box has to be equipped with the proper tuners depending on your viewing needs. To find out more about the VBox line of products head over to there website.


This device is continuously being updated and has an active support forum. This is always a good sign that they are standing by their products. They have a nice selection of downloadable install guides and documentation to get you up and running.


The VBox Android TV Gateway looks like a great DVR for the over the air TV market. It offers many features and is built on a reliable Google TV platform. There are not a lot of all in one over the air recording and streaming boxes. The VBox TV Gateway will give those interested another viable solution for their viewing needs.

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